Video — Reporter Chris Matthews Says “My Job Is To Make Obama Presidency A Success”


You can watch the video of reporter Chris Matthews claiming that his job as a reporter is to make Obama presidency a success, by clicking here.


So whatever happened to the days when a reporter’s job was simply to report the news?  I guess they’re gone forever.  Now reporters are “activists.”  Like the Obama-messiah himself, reporters represent “change.”


You can sure see it coming, can’t you?


We are going to be propagandized up one side and down the other by the liberal media, in support of Obama-messiah.


We are going to be browbeat relentlessly over the need to accept and follow his ultra-liberal policies.  It is going to be absolutely mind-boggling.  They will make you question everything you’ve ever believed in…even your very sanity, if possible.


Most people I know today are too young to remember the Jimmy Carter administration, during which he frequently took to the air to chastise the American people for being too “greedy” and “selfish,” and for not wanting to “sacrifice more” in order to better serve their country.


Like Obama, Carter’s policies were all about “change.”  And the media dutifully trumpeted his message to the people.


During the energy crisis, Carter chastised Americans for not wanting to turn their thermostats down to 68 or lower degrees in the winter, and their air conditioning up to 85 degrees or higher in the heat of summer.


He chastised Americans for complaining about the long gas lines at the pumps as liberal Democrat energy policies caused huge gasoline shortages.


He bemoaned the fact that Americans didn’t like the idea of only being able to buy gasoline for their cars  on alternating days of the week, depending upon the last number on your car’s license plate (i.e., if it was an even number you could only buy gas on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and if it was an odd number you could only buy gas on Monday, Thursday and Saturday).


Carter also whined about how unappreciative Americans were over the mandatory maximum nationwide speed limit of 55 miles per hour, which he imposed as a “sacrifice” to “save gas.”


And he lectured Americans for not being thankful that they had the “privilege” of paying higher and higher taxes, and for failing to appreciate the 15% and 20% interest rates homeowners and businesses were being saddled with as the necessary “sacrifices” they had to make in order to help quell the runaway inflation Carter’s economic policies had ushered in.


In short, Carter made so many speeches about the need to “sacrifice” in order to “serve your country” it became nauseous just to listen to him.


But the liberal media played dutifully along with him, trumpeting his policies as if they had been delivered from Moses on Mt. Sinai, and constantly running propaganda broadcasts disguised as news bits from experts about all of the different ways you could sacrifice, and all of the advantages of “sacrificing” to better “serve your country.”


So as you can see, the Chris Matthews comment about his job being to make the Obama presidency a success is nothing new.  The liberal media have been at it for decades, scorching Republican policies no matter how successful, and lifting up Democrat policies no matter how unsuccessful.


Finally, the voters got sick and tired of being browbeat and blamed by their president and the liberal media for all of the countries woes.  They decided that it was the lame-brained policies of their idiotic liberal president and his liberal Congress that was to blame.


So they refused to listen to the liberal media, which had simply become a mouthpiece for Carter’s policies.  And they voted in Ronald Reagan, who promised to open up America’s energy pipelines, lower taxes, institute new economic policies designed to drive down interest rates and open up the economy, and finally, eliminate the overbearing government controls that had been placed over just about every aspect of the lives of Americans.


And guess what?  Reagan’s policies worked like crazy, and we still to this day enjoy many of the fruits of those policies.


But now we have Obama-messiah coming into power.  In his acceptance speech, he emphasized that Americans would be called on to “sacrifice” in “service to their country.”


He said there would be hard times but we could get through them.  “Yes, we can” he repeated rhythmatically, mesmerizing his adoring audience of young supporters with the idea that only through shared mutual sacrifice, and government-forced service, along with lots of belt-tightening, could America become “great again,” now that the “outdated policies” of “greed and avarice” from the evil right wing had been “thoroughly discredited” through his election.


The media propaganda barrage is coming, my friends.  They absolutely love this guy, just like they loved that grinning idiot, Jimmy Carter.


You’d better be ready for it, for the lies are going to fly fast and furious.  You’re going to have to be ready to take a firm stand for what you believe in, for the very foundations of this nation are about to be shaken.


— Spencer


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