Gay bishop to deliver invocation at Obama-messiah’s “open and inclusive” inauguration

gay-obamaObama-messiah says we have to be more open and inclusive.”


That’s a catch-phrase you’re going to be hearing a lot from the Obama-messiah camp, along with “social responsibility” and “economic justice” and a few others.  What does it mean?  It means everybody is equal.  It means God accepts everybody into the fold:  gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, rapists, murderers, dopers, thieves, liars, lazy ass bums, con artists, freaks, weirdos, wizards, warlocks…you name it.


“Open and inclusive.”  Get used to it, because pretty soon they’re going to make it against the law to fail to be “open and inclusive.”  Mark my words.  And what will happen if you break the law by failing to be “open and inclusive”?


Remember only a few years back when major league baseball up-and-comer John Rocker stated publicly that he wouldn’t ride New York City subways because he didn’t like sitting next to so many “hookers, fags with AIDS, degenerates, illegal aliens and people with purple hair and metal rings hanging from every orifice of their body”?  Remember what happened to him?  He was forced to attend “sensitivity training” courses.  Then he had to make a public apology on a 26 foot screen at a major league game.  Then his career was destroyed, little by little, as he was ridiculed for months on end by television comedians, talk show hosts and comedy shows like Saturday Night Live.  After awhile, everybody was afraid to have anything to do with him.  He was a public pariah, even though he bowed and curtsied as he was commanded by the high priests of political correctness, until he just couldn’t take it anymore and told them all to go to hell.


“Open and inclusive”…unless you simply don’t believe they way they tell you to believe.  Then, you’re out.


— Spencer


Gay bishop to open Obama’s inaugural weekend

Mike Allen Mike Allen Mon Jan 12, 8:12 am ET

The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, who was elected the Episcopal Church’s first openly gay bishop in 2003, will deliver the invocation for Sunday’s kickoff inaugural event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the Presidential Inaugural Committee said.

President-elect Obama is scheduled to attend the afternoon event, which is free and open to the public.

“The president-elect has respect for the Rt. Rev. Robinson, who offered his advice and counsel over the past couple of years,” an inaugural official said. “It also has the benefit of further reinforcing our commitment to an open and inclusive inaugural.”

Robinson remains the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire.

Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay civil rights organization, said in a statement that the choice was “encouraging.”

Bishop Robinson models what prayer should be — spiritual reflection put into action for justice,” Solmonese said. “It is encouraging that the president-elect has chosen this spiritual hero, and that should remain our focus today.”

Many of Obama’s supporters were furious at the choice of Rick Warren, the evangelical pastor and best-selling author, to deliver the invocation at the swearing-in ceremony.

Warren had endorsed California’s Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage, with a statement saying: “There is no reason to change the universal, historical definition of marriage to appease 2 percent of our population.”

The furor has been Obama’s biggest clash with his party’s left wing since he was elected.

An Obama source said: “Robinson was in the plans before the complaints about Rick Warren. Many skeptics will read this as a direct reaction to the Warren criticism — but it’s just not so.”

Last summer, Robinson was united in a civil union with his longtime gay partner. The Concord (N.H.) Monitor reported at the time: “The day marked the five-year anniversary of the New Hampshire election that, once ratified, made Robinson the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican church.”

Robinson’s bio on the diocese website says: “Gene enjoys entertaining and cooking, gardening, music and theater. He is the father of two grown daughters and the proud grandfather of two granddaughters. He lives with his partner, Mark Andrew, who is employed by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Safety.”


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