Lord Obama’s coming assault on gun rights


Caption:  “I prefer keeping my guns and my income, the liberals can keep ‘the change’.”


From the Founding Father 1776 blog 


Dear Readers,


As I feared, “Lord Obama” is amassing his forces for an all-out assault on our natural rights for self-defense and liberty.


Now is *not* the time to be passive or wait for the “change” that is about to start!


I urge you to get ACTIVE!  Join  a Pro 2nd Amendment group.  My favorite is “Gun Owners of America”  http://gunowners.org/


Write your congress-critter and senator!  Call, fax, petition!  Become a pain-in-their-ass for freedom and let them know you expect them to support the 2nd Amendment and Constitution as they pledged to do when they were sworn into office!


This is most-assuredly NOT a “republican vs. democrat” issue.  Long-time readers know we do not play that silly delusional and misleading mind game here!  Daddy Bush Sr passed the ban on “imported” so called “assault-weapons” back in 1989.  John McCain is on record having voiced support for bans.


The problem is that now…..with the immanent coronation of his majesty; the first brown-skinned puppet ever to be used by the globalists – the momentum is such that his lordship may propose we all light our selves on fire and thousands of dumbed-down acolytes, ecstatic in their servitude, will reach for the gas cans!


Didn’t the rap group “Public Enemy” have a song that said “Don’t believe the hype?”


Well Boys & Girls, I hope *you* don’t believe the hype!


Barack Obama is a puppet, pure and simple…


…The biggest impediment to the total destruction of free America and the complete bondage of her people is that damn 2nd Amendment “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” — that simply has to go for “progress” to be made!


You will see all sorts of subterfuge and trickery employed by the socialist/fascists.  You will hear appeals that it is “for the children”  — we may even see a rash of shootings in schools or public places (typically places like Virginia Tech or Columbine where the intended victims are 100% disarmed!) and the plea will go out for “reasonable” gun control.


Don’t believe the hype.


Not one stinking lying word of it.


Of course there are bad people in the world that should not have guns.  Funny thing is, these are also the people MOST LIKELY to ignore any gun laws!


So where does that leave the good honest citizen that wishes to “play by the rules” and protect their family?  Well very simply, you will be disarmed and rendered helpless unless you start TO FIGHT FOR YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS !  Accept no “reasonable” restrictions!


…Once you neglect the 2nd Amendment, you will have no mechanism for retaining the others.


This is no joke and I am not trying to be dramatic.  The stakes are very high and the push to disarm us is going to begin very soon.


The gradual erosion and dismemberment of our Constitution is not fast enough for the Illuminati cabal that seeks to enslave us.


Staging “false-flag” terrorist attacks was an effective way to push through Orwellian legislation like the “Patriot Act” but the problem with that is, too many people are waking up to the fraud.


So now the preferred method seems to be the orchestrated collapse of the economy, and with the massive increase in street crime, burglaries, and overall malaise, the Govt. can position itself as our “Savior” while enslaving us in the grip of its socialistic “bail-outs’ that ultimately only benefit Wall Street and the bankers.


Just remember one thing – in Nazi Germany gun control was complete and total.  In Communist China today gun control is complete and total.  In socialist Europe, gun “ownership” is so neutered through “reasonable” gun laws as to be effectively banned!


What kind of country do *YOU* want to live in?


More importantly, what kind of country do you want to leave for your children?


And now, for those of you who may think I am just being alarmist, please read the following information on who his Lordship has selected to serve as Imperial Field Marshall in the war against our Freedoms:




Also, out of the Annointed One’s home State of Corruption – The People’s Republic of Illinois – we have this gem of pending legislation:





Finally, I would like to offer some words of advice for my fellow freedom-loving Americans and loyal readers:


If you do not have a gun and ammunition – BUY THEM NOW!


If you have nothing;  first buy a .308 caliber semi-automatic magazine fed rifle! Go to your dealer and ask to see a Springfield Armory M1A or an “FAL” type rifle or perhaps a “G3″ type rifle.  These are battle proven .308 caliber (also known as 7.62 x 51mm NATO caliber) rifles that are normally available in the civilian-legal “semi-automatic” configuration.   (Note: You may not find all these choices available to you depending on which state you live in.  If you happen to live in one of the “advanced” socialist states like NJ, California, Illinois or the District of Columbia that already restricts the rights of it’s citizens, my best advice is to MOVE OUT!)


.308 is far more powerful than the .223 round used in the AR-15 /M-16 rifles.  If you have the money, buy an AR-15 rifle too.  Buy magazines, spare parts and ammo.  Buy a 12 gauge shotgun and a pistol if you have the funds, (the shotgun is ideal for home defense) and LEARN HOW TO SHOOT!


I am a strong advocate of gun ownership.  I can say that in the *MANY YEARS* I have gone to guns shops, gun shows and shopped the internet for guns, parts, accessories, and ammo, I have NEVER SEEN SUCH SCARCITY!


Thank-God that hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans are waking up to the dangers we face!


Since the election of  the ObamaMessiah, gun sales have gone through the roof, especially semi-automatic rifles (the best kind for a patriot to own!)


Thirty round magazines for AR rifles are extremely difficult to find, gun shops are out of inventory, prices are going up, and Obama has not even gotten started yet.


So *PLEASE* heed my warning – if you care about your rights, and your freedom, educate yourself and BUY NOW!


I am not exaggerating when I say that gun shops I have frequented for over ten years have hardly any inventory to sell.  Start now to secure what you need.  Even if you have cash to burn, you may find it is not as easy as you think!


So please get active, get informed, and fight on ALL FRONTS!


Join a pro 2nd Amendment group, contact your congress-critters and senators, hell even write, email or phone his Lordship; and tell them you will NOT TOLERATE any infringement on your right to own a gun, despite how “reasonable” they think their new laws will be!


As General George S. Patton so wisely put it:


“I always believe in being prepared, even when I’m dressed in white tie and tails.”   (see more here: http://www.generalpatton.com/quotes.html )


Obama is evil, but he is the symptom of an evil system.  He is a lackey, an opportunistic water-boy for a much more powerful gang that seeks to undermine the free people of the United States (and the world).



Their little game has been going on for a long long time, but now it is reaching a climax.


The times ahead will be hard and fraught with danger.


Let’s just make sure that we can make it as dangerous for our would-be masters as they wish to make it for us, the would-be slaves.


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