Obama-messiah appoints friend of Al Gore as High Priest of Global Warming


Obama-messiah has picked a friend of the high priest of global warming, Al Gore, to lead his so-called energy and environment team (See news article below).


What does this mean to you?  Simple.  Higher prices for everything.  And bureaucratic micro-management of your daily life. 


·         Your kilowatt hours of electricity usage will be strictly monitored, and you will be “surcharged” (read: fined) for using more than the government-mandated “baseline” amount each month. 


·         Your use of heating fuel will be monitored, and you will be “surcharged” (read: fined) for using more than the government-mandated “baseline” amount each month.


·         The amount of trash you dispose of weekly will be monitored, and you will be “surcharged” (read: fined) for disposing of more than the government-mandated amount of trash. (I’m not kidding.  This is already happening to our cousins across the pond in England, who embraced the greenies years ago, much to their disgust now.)


·         You will be fined for failing to separate every single piece of “recyclable” material from your trash.


·         Gore’s people are already working with states to start new programs in which drivers will be taxed by the mile, i.e., the more miles you drive, the higher the “road use” tax you pay. 


·         The price of virtually every product you can think of – food, clothing, household goods, etc. – will go through the roof, because Gore has already said he will institute an aggressive new tax and massive new bureaucratic regulations on coal production. 


Folks, coal is the primary source of electricity generation in this nation.  And you know what?  The coal producers will have no choice but to pass the exorbitant costs of the new regulations and taxes off onto you, the consumer.  Every company that makes products will pay higher and higher costs for the electricity needed to power the machinery that produces their products and keeps their factories running.  Those gargantuan new costs will be passed on to you. 


If you think you are seeing the fulfillment of Amos 8:5-6 now (i.e., higher prices/lower portions), wait until you see what the high priest of global warming has in store for you.  You will be paying a LOT more, for a LOT less, for a long time to come. 


All hail Obama-messiah!  All hail his high priest of global warming!


– Spencer



P.S.  If you don’t think the bureaucratic regulation, micromanagement and nitpicking of your life is going to accelerate under the rule of Obama-messiah and his new high priest of global warming, consider what happened when Gwinnett County, George recently went “green” with a new trash plan.  Here’s what one of the residents explains is now happening there:


From the new county waste plan, here are some of the things YOU WILL BE FINED $500 FOR EACH DAY they occur:


1. Leaving your trash can by the curb more than 24 hours (better hope that flight home doesn’t get delayed).


2. Not separating every_single_piece of recyclable material from your trash.


3. Leaving a tree limb by the curb for pickup that is 1 inch more than 3 feet long.


4. Retrieving something from the trash can on the curb that you accidentally threw away; once it’s placed on the curb it is now COUNTY PROPERTY not yours.


5. Giving something you set out by the curb to an interested passerby that offers to take it away for you and give it a new life (I’ve done this many times with old appliances, lawn mowers, etc). Once again, it is now COUNTY PROPERTY.


6. Taking any brush, limbs, leaves, wood etc away from your property in your own pickup truck without a trash-hauling license, permit, insurance, bond, etc. …any many more restrictions too numerous to list.


Are we becoming a communist country? Where oh where has our freedom gone? God help us.


Better prepare for the worst, folks, because it is coming at you hard and fast if that man actually takes office.  Here’s another example of what’s already happening, thanks to the greenies in ultra-liberal San Francisco:


SAN FRANCISCO (Map, News) – Trash collectors will start snooping through San Franciscans’ garbage next year to make sure residents are recycling and composting, under a draft new law that would ping recalcitrant recyclers with fines of up to $1,000.


Under a proposed new law drafted by the Department of the Environment, it would become mandatory for “all persons in San Francisco” to separate recyclable and compostable material from trash. Mayor Gavin Newsom had announced in April that he planned to start issuing fines to encourage recycling.


These kind of things are already happening folks.  And they will be made mandatory for everyone, under the Obama-messiah/Gore administration. 


Obama-messiah picks Al Gore friend to lead energy and environment team…



WASHINGTON: Barack Obama has made his most decisive break so far with the past eight years of George Bush by appointing a Nobel laureate in science and a supporter of Al Gore to head his energy and environment team.


The announcement in Chicago on Monday of the appointments of the physicist Steve Chu for energy secretary and the veteran regulator Carol Browner for the newly created White House “climate tsarina” received almost unanimously positive responses from environmentalists.


Their professional credentials are seen as a sign of Mr Obama’s determination to deal with climate change.


“This is clearly a green dream team,” said Gene Karpinski, the head of the League of Conservation Voters.


The president of the Earth Policy Institute, Lester Brown, said: “We can expect some strong initiatives reflecting the sense of seriousness and the urgency of doing something about climate change.”


Whereas Mr Bush relied on personnel from the oil and chemical industries, Dr Chu, 60, comes from the science world; his work has focused on advanced technology and renewable energy. He won his Nobel Prize in physics in 1997 and is director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is outspoken on climate change dangers.


The greater responsibility for dealing with issues of energy and climate change falls to Ms Browner, who will co-ordinate the government agencies that deal with energy policy.


She was head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton and has worked with Mr Gore.


Mr Obama’s economic team has been criticised for being strongly allied with Wall Street. But he has given repeated signals he intends to deal with climate change.


“This time must be different,” Mr Obama said.


“This will be a leading priority of my presidency and a defining test of our time. We cannot accept complacency, nor any more broken promises.



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