Obama-messiah Says We Haven’t Sacrificed Enough (Bend Over…This is Gonna Hurt)….

obama-pencil-sharpenerSurely ya’ll remember when Obama-messiah told us he was going to fix everything as soon as he got in office.  How the sun was going to start shining again.  And how goodness and prosperity would pour from the skies like manna from heaven.


Once again, I hate to say I told you so.  But…


— Spencer 


Obama-messiah Says We Haven’t Sacrificed Enough (Bend Over…This is Gonna Hurt)….



Sunday, January 11, 2009


by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, January 11, 2009



So much for campaign promises. Take everything Obama promised on the campaign trail (including whatever he said that made his supporters scream out, “He’s gonna pay for my home mortgage!”) and scratch a red line through it. Financial reality has suffocated the entitlement dreams of an administration that largely got elected by promising unprecedented government handouts. But guess what? America is broke. And now it’s time for some sacrifice.


That’s the conclusion of Obama himself, who has announced massive cutbacks on the spending he promised during his campaign, emphasizing that “Everybody’s going to have to give.”


So does that mean Obama no longer thinks he can spend his way out of a debt problem? Nope, not exactly: The trillion-dollar deficits are still on the budget. But now Obama is adding a new layer to the plan by demanding that everybody give something for the good of the country.


Well, not everybody everybody.


The rich white banksters on Wall Street don’t have to give. They basically just take.


The incompetent executives running the U.S. auto industry don’t have to give. In fact, the more incompetent they are, the more money they get handed by Washington!


The wealthy, elite politicians don’t have to give. As usual, they’re just taking: Power over the people, control over the people, etc.


So, as usual, the only people that really have to give something are the working class upon whose backs the Treasury and Federal Reserve have already heaped unprecedented levels of new debt in the form of bailout money. Listen to my hip hop / rap song on the bailout money fraud here: http://www.naturalnews.com/I_Want_My_Bailout_Money.html


America is now devolving into a nation of two new classes. Nope, I’m not talking about the rich vs. the poor, I’m talking about the Givers vs. the Takers.


The Givers are all the hard-working, tax-paying Americans who somehow manage to keep this nation solvent. The Takers are all the criminals running Washington, stealing money from the people through new debt creation, debasing the currency, spending their money on endless wars and brainless “health care” systems that are fundamentally broken… these are the Takers.


The problem with all this is that the Givers aren’t really Giving voluntarily. They’re only doing so with a gun to their collective heads: If you refuse to give, the IRS throws you in prison. The Takers, in other words, use the threat of violence to get the money and power they want, and then they use it to reward their rich, white friends while socking it to the everyday American workers who are trying to muscle up enough money to pay the rent.


And now Obama says you haven’t sacrificed enough. You’re gonna have to pay more. Is this code language for new taxes? Why don’t they cut spending instead, by starting with a halt to the runaway bailout money fraud?


The funny thing in all this is that Obama is actually right about the issue of sacrifice: America must cut spending on entitlement programs if it hopes to remain financially solvent for even the next four years. Everybody will have to sacrifice something.



I don’t mind sacrificing something to save America (after all, our forefathers and mothers sacrificed plenty…). I just think the sacrifices should be shared by all. If you and I and all the other hard-working, middle-class Americans are breaking our backs to scrape together enough money to get by, why should we be giving thousands of billions of dollars (trillions, in other words) to lazy, incompetent, rich corporate executives, bankers and institutional greed-mongers whose track records prove them to be destroyers of wealth?


I have a prediction to make in all this: If these financial injustices are not corrected, Obama will be pushing this nation towards outright class warfare (of the violent kind), where the over-taxed, under-paid workers of America eventually stage an armed revolt against their oppressors in Washington and Wall Street. It’s not a pretty thought, and I hope it never comes to that, but by examining history, you’ll realize that every popular revolt has always stemmed from a great injustice thrust onto the backs of the People and unresolved by those in power. (The Peons, in other words, will want the King’s head.)


I believe there are many Americans who, when faced with being forced to “sacrifice” yet more of their paycheck while Washington is bailing out the filthy rich, will cross a threshold of outrage and frustration and decide to join a popular revolt against the crooks running America today.


Unless the theft of money from the People ends soon, I would not be surprised at all to see the streets of America becoming bloodied protest zones by 2012.


I want my bailout money, too, after all.



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