Obama-messiah’s red, white and blue socialism; the new “patriotism”…



Well, the campaign to portray socialism as “fair” and “patriotic,” and capitalism as unfair, greed-driven and unpatriotic has started.  And man it’s a doozy.  A real slick one, put together apparently by TV producer and long-time ultra-liberal rabble-rouser Normal Lear.  They even ask you to sign their pledge to become a “born again American” and commit to becoming your country’s keeper.  And they sell their own “Born Again American” t-shirts, with little red, white and blue Obama hearts on them. 


You’ve got to give these guys credit.  They sure know how to put a slick campaign together to pull the wool over people’s eyes, casting their socialistic revolution as the ultimate patriotic endeavor.  Go to the web site above and listen to the song.  It’s only about three or four minutes long.  Be sure and stick with it until the end, so you can see how the singers start with patriotic fervor (you’d almost think these were conservative Christians singing, at first glance) and end with blasphemy and socialistic abandon (substituting themselves for God by singing “my country ‘tis of me” instead of “my country ‘tis of Thee”).


This is what we have to look forward to, folks.  America’s foundational way of life will now be cast as unpatriotic, inherently unfair, and divisive, while the socialist way under the Obama-messiah will be cleverly cast as patriotic, fair, and inclusive. 


But before you go to the web site above and listen to the song, be sure to read the short comments on it below from Americans who know the difference between true patriotism and slick deception.  You’ll get a real kick out of some of these comments.  And with the flood of deception coming forth from the mouths of the Obama-messiah and his camp (which seems to be drowning out virtually all sensible messages), it also helps to see that there are more like-minded people out there than we might know. 


— Spencer


P.S. Our thanks to Patti V. for sending this information our way.




Apparently, some of our fellow Americans only acknowledge themselves as such when their candidates win election.  This collection of sunshine patriots have launched their website, proclaiming themselves “Born Again Americans,” led by television producer Norman Lear:

I don’t need to sign the pledge on the website, because unlike all of these sudden Americans, I didn’t stop being American.  My passion for my country and my pride in it doesn’t start and stop depending on which party controls Congress and the White House.  Frankly, anyone who needs to experience a “rebirth” of their Americanism is someone on whom we can’t rely when things get tough, anyway — so who needs them?

Plus, there’s something creepily religious about the phrase “Born Again American” that appears to emphasize Barack Obama as their secular Messiah.  There’s nothing at all American about falling into cults of personality.  Maybe if they’d taken a little more pride in their American heritage, they’d already know that.

Fittingly, the acronym for this new organization is BAA — perfect for the sheeple that join it.


Gawd, I despise these people.



Guys, this is fantastic.

The shirts are like an idiot early warning system. We don’t even have to give them signs – they’re buying them!



Now we have to ask: will Obama conduct the presidency as a campaign for the next 4 years?

Mr Gus


Remember how Bush turncoat Scott McClellan claimed he became disillusioned after he realized that Karl Rove was going to be in “permanent campaign” mode (but stuck around and collected his paychecks anyway)? Anyone put a camera and microphone in his fat mug lately and asked him how he feels about his boy Obama giving David Axxholerod a White House post?

L.N. Smith


A glaring example of the transient and emotional core of the left.

Born again being a terms used to describe a deep, lasting, eternal commitment to something higher than one’s self.

To the left, it’s nothing more than a catchy, fun, temporal fad  Explains a lot.

katy o


So “loving our country” involves cheering as it is pushed into bankruptcy, socialism and subservience to terrorists simply because Osama Obama, that worthless, arrogant fool, is now president?

You would have been advocating loyalty to King George as true patriotism back in 1775, clown.



these are born-again ameriKKKans…the T-shirt needs to be BROWN…its much more fitting for these fascists…



I dunno I have ALWAYS been PROUD to be an American. It`s never mattered to me WHO was in charge, I am still an American. These types of yahoooos make me sick.

NY Conservative


Plus, there’s something creepily religious about the phrase “Born Again American” that appears to emphasize Barack Obama as their secular Messiah.

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way !

O sinners let’s go down,
Let’s go down, come on down,
O sinners let’s go down,
Down in the river to pray.



They forgot the golden calf.

Any guess on how many people wear these shirts into Afghanistan? Probably less than Obama’s double-digit IQ…Just wait until the bill comes due for Porkulus…around November 2010…

Steve Z


They’re American’ts



Man does not live on Barack alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.



Not sure whether to immediately cry myself to sleep, or to have several adult beverages, and then cry myself to sleep. I’d hate to tempt fate by saying this day can’t get any worse.



What do you bet even Moonies and Scientologists are creeped-out by these folks?


At least Moonies and Scientologist believe in something, no matter how strange.

These people believe in nothing at all. Not even in themselves.

I honestly prefer the Moonies.


Professor Blather



Has anyone watched the videos from Obama’s “rally” in Fort Myers,

Florida today? It’s like watching a faith healer; his followers are downright scary…


Holy smokes. I just watched the first one. It was part game show,

part talk show, and part revival meeting.


My guess is that he has already lost his audience using the

 White House pulpit and has taken the presidency on the road.


Now we have to ask: will Obama conduct the presidency as a campaign for the next 4 years?

Mr Gus


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