Amateur hour at the White House as Iran’s President slaps Obama-messiahs’ “hand of friendship”



For what it’s worth, John McCain warned over and over again that you can’t deal with the present Iranian leadership like you can with rational leaders. 


But the news media ridiculed his stance, and promoted Obama-messiah’s promised “hand of friendship” to the Iranians as the solution to resolving the growing middle east nuclear crisis.


Millions of voters went to the polls believing Obama could solve the crisis simply by telling everyone “Let’s be friends.”  But just as it is the fox’s nature to eat the rabbit, so it is the nature of those fanatics in charge of Iran to bite even the hand extended to them in friendship. 


McCain understood this.  Obama does not.  It is amateur hour at the White House. 


— Spencer


Hand of Friendship snub for Obama


IRAN slapped down US President Barack Obama’s plea for peace yesterday — as experts warned the rogue Gulf state could have a nuclear bomb this year.


Obama offered a hand of friendship if Iran “unclenched its fist”. But fanatical Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responded with a rant.


He called for an apology for America’s “dark crimes”, and went on to demand troop withdrawals from Muslim lands and a block on US support for Israel.


His response underlined the task facing Obama, who has pledged to make a “once-in-a-generation” bid for peace across the Middle East.


It came as the International Institute for Strategic Studies estimated that Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a single nuclear weapon this year.


ran is also developing long-range missiles capable of strikes as far as Israel and beyond.




2 Responses to Amateur hour at the White House as Iran’s President slaps Obama-messiahs’ “hand of friendship”

  1. Similarly, it seems Americans are in denial over just how much chaos they’ve caused across the Globe.

    You want it all your way.

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