Video: Elementary School Children Taught to Sing and Perform Praises to “Barak Hussein Obama”…

September 25, 2009

First they took God out of the public schools.  Now they’ve replaced Him with…Barak Hussein Obama. 

If you don’t believe it, watch the above 3-minute video of an elementary school class being taught to praise Obama in song. 

Do you remember how conservatives were recently vilified and ridiculed on the nightly news when they opposed Obama’s address to school children on the grounds that it constituted propaganda, and would result in liberal school teachers getting carried away and creating a cult of idolatry around the presidential man-god?  

“Nonesense!” the defenders of liberalism barked.  “Republican clap-trap!” the liberal pundits screamed.  “Just more evidence that Obama is hated due to the color of his skin,” the liberal media talking heads editorialized.  

But here it is.  In full color.  Little school children being taught to sing and perform praises to Obama by their school teacher. 

Could you imagine the uproar from liberals during the previous administration had conservative teachers (if there are any) started teaching elementary school children to sing songs of praise to President Bush?  The worldwide condemnation would have been instantaneous, vindictive, explosive and would have droned on for months.  Were a video of such an event to have been taken, it would have been played ad nauseum for months on end by the liberal media, and would have been made the butt of thousands of sarcastic jokes by the late night talk show hosts. 

 But conservatives don’t worship their leaders.  They don’t sing praises to their leaders.  Stalinists do.  Marxists do.  Leninists do.  But conservatives tie their leaders down with the cords of the U.S. Constitution and the foundational principles our nation was based upon, always reminding them that they are not gods, not benevolent rulers, but servants of “We the People.”  And in cases where a conservative leader falls short, or starts getting a little too big for his (or her) britches, conservatives even disdain their leadership and eagerly seek to replace them for forgetting their place.

What we are seeing now reminds me a lot of communism under Khrushchev.  Back then, the Russian school children were told to sit at their desks, close their eyes, and pray to Jesus for a piece of candy.  Then they were told to open their eyes, and look to see if any candy had appeared on their desks.  Of course, there was none.  Then they were told to close their eyes once more, only this time they were to pray to Comrade Khrushchev for candy.  While the Russian kiddies were praying again, the teacher’s assistant would rush through the room placing a piece of candy on each child’s desk so that when they were told to quit praying and open their eyes, there the candy would be. 

At this point, it wouldn’t shock me to see that kind of thing happen next.  I only hope someone takes a video of it.