I Am Barak (I’m the Messiah)

March 29, 2010

I Am Barak (I’m the Messiah) — Paul Shanklin’s clever takeoff is worth the listen!


16,500 more IRS agents needed to enforce Obama-care

March 22, 2010

New tax mandates and penalties included in Obamacare will cause the greatest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service since World War II, according to a release from Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas.

A new analysis by the Joint Economic Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee minority staff estimates up to 16,500 new IRS personnel will be needed to collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation’ bill being taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives this weekend. …

Scores of new federal mandates and fifteen different tax increases totaling $400 billion are imposed under the Democratic House bill.  In addition to more complicated tax returns, families and small businesses will be forced to reveal further tax information to the IRS, provide proof of ‘government approved’ health care and submit detailed sales information to comply with new excise taxes.

Americans for Tax Reform has a good breakdown of the bill by the numbers.

Isn’t it reassuring that at a time of recession, government will do what’s necessary to ensure its growth?

By: J.P. Freire
From:  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/16500-more-IRS-agents-needed-to-enforce-Obamacare-88458137.html

Obama fabricates story about hero “Uncle” who helped liberate concentration camp…

March 22, 2010

The man just can’t stop lying.  He’s so well hidden most of his life from us (no birth records, no public school records, no high school records, no college records, etc.) that all he apparently can do now is make sh#@ up.

Obama: 7 Lies in Under 2 Minutes

March 22, 2010

7 lies in under 2 minutes…Obama must have been shooting for some kind of record!

Obama Administration Specifically Recruited Homosexual Activist to Be ‘Safe Schools Czar’

March 16, 2010

Obama Administration Specifically Recruited Homosexual Activist to Be ‘Safe Schools Czar’

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

(CNSNews.com) – Kevin Jennings, the long-time homosexual activist who is now the Obama administration’s safe schools czar, never sought public office. Rather, he said, the Obama administration recruited him.

Jennings became a lightning rod of controversy last year because he was the co-founder and president for a decade of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which promoted homosexual clubs in high schools.

Moreover, Jennings has been scrutinized for how he handled a 1988 incident by advising a 15-year-old to use a condom in a sexual affair with an older adult man, rather than reporting the possible case of statutory rape to authorities.

Though both matters were well-documented, it was the Obama administration that reached out to him to fill the office of assistant deputy education secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

“President Obama got elected and they were looking for someone to run the safe schools program, and since I worked to make schools safe, they asked me if I would take the job,” Jennings said in a speech last week at the National Press Club.

It was one of his rare public appearances since taking the post.

“Honestly, I never, ever saw myself in public office – it wasn’t an aspiration I’ve ever had,” Jennings said. “If I was given the chance to be part of the administration to take what I’ve learned from 25 years in education and apply it to making schools safer, (and) if I said no, that would be hypocritical.”

Because of his controversial past, last fall 52 House Republicans signed a letter to President Barack Obama calling for Jennings to be removed from the safe schools post. The letter was circulated by Iowa Rep. Steve King.

“As the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Mr. Jennings has played an integral role in promoting homosexuality and pushing a pro-homosexual agenda in America’s schools — an agenda that runs counter to the values that many parents desire to instill in their children,” the House Republican letter said. “As evidence of this, Mr. Jennings wrote the foreword for a book entitled Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue About Sexualities and Schooling.”

“Throughout his career, Mr. Jennings has made it his mission to establish special protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students to the exclusion of all other students,” the House GOP letter said.

“The totality of Mr. Jennings’ career has been to advocate for public affirmation of homosexuality. There is more to safe and drug-free schools than can be accomplished from the narrow view of Mr. Jennings who has, for more than 20 years, almost exclusively focused on promoting the homosexual agenda,” the letter added.

From:  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/62810

Out of the mouths of babes…

March 13, 2010

Just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Obama’s New 9th Circuit Court Nominee: U.S. Constitution Must Adapt to Changes in the World

March 6, 2010

Most people don’t remember the 2001 radio talk show audio tape of then-Senator Barak Obama arguing that since the U.S. Constitution fails to address re-distribution of wealth in order to compensate victims of civil rights “social injustice,” then it has to be done through judicial activism.  

In other words, judges must be appointed who are willing to either ignore or radically re-interpret the Constitution in order to force Americans to compensate blacks for alleged past civil rights “social injustices” (this is referred to in the audio tape as “reparative economic work).

In the news article below we see that Obama’s new 9th Circuit judicial nominee, Goodwin Liu, is a radical UC Berkeley law professor who believes the U.S. Constitution needs to be re-interpreted on an ongoing basis.

Liu states: “Applications of constitutional text and principles must be open to adaptation and change…as the conditions and norms of our society become ever more distant from those of the Founding generation.”

Ahh…those pesky Founding Fathers.  Always getting in the way of “redistributive change” and “social justice.” 

Or maybe the Founders simply knew that scoundrels like Obama will always attempt to find ways to use government power to force the productive classes into supporting the non-productive classes. 

Apparently, Obama remains dead-set on overthrowing the foundational principles that made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth, giving opportunities to millions who are willing to embrace them. 

Change is coming, in 2010.  Yes, we can.  Yes, we can.  Yes, we can!

— Spencer

Obama 9th Circuit Nominee: U.S. Constitution Must Adapt to Changes in the World

By Shannon Bream, FOXNews.com

Even his critics describe him as “brilliant,” but newly-nominated law professor Goodwin Liu will not have an easy time getting to the 9th Circuit bench.

 Goodwin Liu is President Obama’s nominee to be a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (Stanford University).

 …At age 39, Liu has compiled an impressive resume: Rhodes Scholar, Supreme Court clerk, top grades at both Stanford University and Yale Law School and now law professor University of California, Berkeley.

Liu has also aligned himself with progressive legal groups, including the American Constitution Society, where he is chairman of the board of directors. That’s prompting opponents to argue that Liu is “too far outside the mainstream” to take a seat on a court just one step below the Supreme Court of the United States.

“He believes the Constitution is something judges can manipulate to have it say what they think culture or evolving standards of decency requires of it in a given day,” said the Senate Judiciary Committee’s top Republican Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

Ed Whelan, a one-time clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia and now president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, echoed those concerns.

“Liu believes that judges have the authority to impose their views … using clever verbal camouflage to disguise what they’re doing.”

Liu opponents point to a number of his writings, including a book he co-authored in 2009 called “Keeping Faith with the Constitution,” in which the authors opine about their concept of judicial interpretation.

“Applications of constitutional text and principles must be open to adaptation and change…as the conditions and norms of our society become ever more distant from those of the Founding generation.”

That theme — that the Constitution’s text and principles must be adapted to changes in the world — repeats throughout the book and raises eyebrows among conservatives.

From:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/03/04/obama-th-circuit-nominee-constitution-adapt-changes-world/