Obama Concert and Political Rally Features Hip Hop Group B.o.B of “Im Dat Nigga” Fame; Obama Appeals to Youth Voters: “It Took Time to Free The Slaves”…


Obama’s In-Your-Face Double Standard as He Continues to Play Race Card and Appeals to Basest Instincts of Young Voters


Well, the double standard machine is in full force this week, as Obama and the Democrat National Committee held a concert/political rally to help charge up the youth vote coming into the November 2 elections.


The concert and rally featured the Hip Hop group B.o.B, whose flagship song is “Im Dat Nigga.”  (See lyrics below.)


This on the heel of weeks and weeks of lectures from Obama, his wife and a variety of black political action groups and other professional race-baiters castigating Tea Party members as “racists” and excoriating conservative family radio talk host Dr. Laura for using the “n” word on the air while describing the content of lyrics from another hip hop group.


Obama whipped his young audience up into a frenzy, telling them they should not let their enthusiasm for his policies wane in the face of rising unemployment and economic malaise, telling them “it took time to free the slaves.”


This is about as in-your-face as you can get, America. 


If you want to know how low Obama can go to appeal to his (essentially black) voting age youth base, here’s the lyrics to the flagship song of the hip hop group that performed at his rally:


Im Dat Nigga Lyrics


Im that nigga X3

and im clean, that machine,

super cool, super mean


You Already know,

im the hottest nigga you heard in a long time,

introducin you to the hottest nigga you heard in a long time.


mega pimp, super clean, the coolest in the universe. niggas hatin on what he doin, just mad cause they aint do it first.


his name pop up when you hit “playa” on ya google search. bitches bow they heads and bend they knees, just like they do in church. drop dough into a purse, before you get into a skirt.  she agree to do the work, before she get into the purp.


till my pine box drop down into the dirt, ima be by far the hottest nigga known to the earth. in the air i fly cant compare, my swagger to another rapper dont you dare try, anybody wit a pair of eyes can look and see, no licorcy, will ever be, next to me. or nothin near by.


tho i invite you all to try, aye, ima a fair guy. just approach with caution, be aware, cause i dont share my..thrown. my crown i own, hottest flo on any song. im on im gone…nigga!


Ah, yes.  That’s just the mentality we need at the polls this coming November 2.  That’s Obama’s youth base.  Re-elect Obama so he can finish “freeing the slaves” by turning America into a socialist paradise and destroying its business base. 


Folks, if you don’t vote, the above is representative of what you’re going to have running this country for the foreseeable future.


— Spencer


Obama charges up young voters at concert/rally



WASHINGTON – Grasping for the electric energy that propelled him to the White House, President Barack Obama whipped up young supporters at a rally Thursday night, where the boisterous crowd tried to shout down any talk of an “enthusiasm gap” among Democrats.


“I’m back here today just in case you’ve forgotten what it feels like to change the country,” Obama called out to a sold-out crowd of 3,000 at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at DAR Constitution Hall.


“It was always going to be hard,” Obama said as the crowd interrupted him with cheers and hollers. “Now is not the time to quit.”


The DNC had enlisted hip hop artist B.o.B to perform.


Thursday’s event was organized for the DNC’s Gen44 group, which tries to cultivate young leaders. It was expected to raise $750,000.






One Response to Obama Concert and Political Rally Features Hip Hop Group B.o.B of “Im Dat Nigga” Fame; Obama Appeals to Youth Voters: “It Took Time to Free The Slaves”…

  1. gatias says:

    We were promised by the media that we were getting this “middle of the road consensus builder.” This post-racial, post-partisan bridge builder who reaches across the isles.

    There were those who took a serious sober look at this man, and told us that nowhere was this in Barack Obama’s history. That what we will be getting is a bitterly divisive, fiercely partisan, far left ideologue who will uncompromisingly do everything he can to shove a radical agenda down our throats.

    And that is exactly what we got. Mean in character. Sarcastic, nasty, infuriatingly arrogant. Incompetent, race-baiting, corporatist, socialist, marxist debacle.

    We will literally spend 20 years trying to unwind the damage of this two-bit community organizer’s 4 years.

    The worst mistake in American history.

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