54 percent of Americans want Obama out NOW!

Gallup’s latest survey is probably the most damaging poll yet for the Obama presidency.


Not only does Gallup give Barack Obama the lowest approval rating of his presidency (44.7 percent), but it also illustrates just how difficult it will be for the president to be re-elected in 2012.


There’s no doubt about it. If Obama himself was on the ballot for this November’s elections he would be resoundingly defeated.


A striking 54 percent of Americans now say that President Obama does not deserve re-election.  Less than two in five Americans (39 percent) believe he should be returned to the White House. 


 In contrast, at the same stage of his presidency (September 2002), 62 percent of Americans thought George W. Bush was worthy of re-election.       


From:  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100060436/president-obama-has-a-mountain-to-climb-in-2012/


One Response to 54 percent of Americans want Obama out NOW!

  1. HH says:

    Outstanding! Never have I seen a more proper usage or placement for the word “fuck.”
    You see….I too get nervous when I see people dressed in Muslim garb boarding my airplane, while I am under the dictatorship of a Muslim president.
    Bow before NO MAN…KNEEL before God. Let’s get this party started…

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