Voter Disenchantment with Obama: 5,000 Empty Seats During Final Mid-Term Election Rally in Cleveland

Barack Obama sought to rekindle the spirit of the 2008 election today at the final campaign rally of the midterm elections but thousands of empty seats testified that the love affair with the electorate is long over.


Speaking in Cleveland at the end of a four-state whirlwind weekend tour to try to prevent a Democratic political meltdown in tomorrow’sTuesday’s elections, Obama acknowledged the pain recession has created but said life under the Republicans would be a lot worse.


The Republicans would cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and leave the working class to fend for themselves, was his message.


“You don’t have a job? Tough luck, you’re on your own. You don’t have health care? Too bad, you’re on your own. You’re a young person who can’t afford to go to college? Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, you’re on your own,” Obama said.


But his famous rhetorical skills are no longer enough, and the Democrats are facing defeat in elections to Congress and for governorships on a scale political analysts say has not been seen in over 60 years.


Screens at the Wolfstein Centre, Cleveland, showed the Obama logo from the 2008 White House race, the old campaign songs were played and the crowd noisily chanted his slogan ‘Yes, we can’. However, in contrast with the 2008 election, when across the US an Obama rally was a hot ticket and people had to be turned away, he attracted only 8,000 to the 13,000 capacity stadium. When he appeared at a rally in the same city in 2008 two days before the White House election, 80,000 turned out.





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