What Does Obama’s Homeland Security Department Have in Store For You Next?

Do you want evidence that Homeland Security is planning TSA-like “security checkpoints” for public events and venues like expo halls, concerts, sports arenas, etc.?


What if I told you that the things they have planned for you are even worse than the TSA checkpoints you’ve seen at the airports?  What if I told you they had mobile interrogation checkpoints and “behavior scanners” planned?


Read the article at this link, and check out the Homeland Security video demonstrating their new FAST program (“Future Attribute Screening Technology”), by which you’ll be electronically “pre-screened” for “hostile intent” before being allowed to enter your chosen public venue. 


According to the video by Herr Fuehrer…er…ah…I mean Homeland Security…the so-called “noninvasive” sensors used at these special security checkpoints are designed to “measure behavioral and physiological indications of mal-intent, or the intent and desire to cause harm.”  


Yes…I’m quoting them directly.  They now have electronic equipment designed to measure your state of mind, and determine whether or not you might have “mal-intent…or intent and desire to cause harm” before you enter a public venue.


So God help you if you were mad at the kids 20 minutes earlier, or had a fallout with your boss, or endured some other stressful event that left you feeling angry and a bit aggressive.  Whatever you do, don’t try to go to a public venue to relax a bit.  They’ll nail your angry ass to a wall.


Shades of the futuristic sci-fi movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, in which criminals are caught, arrested and tried before the crimes they commit are even committed


But it’s true. Just check out the Homeland Security video in the article at this link and see for yourself.


And don’t worry about missing your event just because you had to go through this FAST screening.  Homeland Security promises to have “multiple screening lanes for higher subject throughput.”  Meaning they can run a lot of you through the gamut at once.  (Not me.  I’ll just keep my angry ass home.)


In short, as the article with the video points out, Americans will be mandated to prove to the government that they are well-behaved slaves before they are allowed to enter any public venue, or do anything in public.


If you don’t have time to watch the entire video (though I urge you to do so) be sure to watch the section starting around 3:30 (three minutes, thirty seconds) demonstrating the interrogation techniques to be used, including wired and wireless “lie detector” technology demonstrating whether or not you are giving truthful answers to such questions as “Are you attempting to smuggle an explosive device into the expo today?” and “Are you attempting to smuggle a recording device into the expo today?” and “Are you from the local area?” and “Do you plan to detonate an explosive at the expo today?” etc. 


Welcome to the New World Order.  And oh yeah, U.S. Constitution?  What U.S. Constitution?


From: Big Sis Wants “Behavior Scanners” At Sports Events, Malls





2 Responses to What Does Obama’s Homeland Security Department Have in Store For You Next?

  1. mark says:

    You are an absolute idiot. I wasted my time clicking your page and reading this garbage. Get used to technology retard, and I guarantee they wouldn’t “nail your ass to the wall” for a little aggressiveness. Homeland Security does a great job. They actually research and better our society while dumbasses like you sit at home and harp about how meaningless their work is.

  2. mark says:

    The comparison to Hitler is what really pissed me off… you’re an idiot.

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