64% of Americans Say US is on Wrong Track; Obama Approval Ratings Among Independent Voters Plunges

(Reuters) – Americans’ confidence in the way the country is going has slumped to a two-year low in the last month, and one pollster blamed soaring gas prices.


A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Wednesday the proportion of people who believe the United States is on the wrong track rose seven points to 64 percent from February, in a fresh challenge to President Barack Obama.


It was the highest number of people in an Ipsos poll who think the country on the wrong track since Obama took office in January 2009. The survey comes as many indicators show an improving U.S. economy.




Obama’s approval among independent voters who he will need for his 2012 re-election drive took a sharp dive, to 37 percent from 47 percent, the poll found.


Independents fled Democrats in congressional elections last November, enabling Republicans to win the House of Representatives and make gains in the Senate.


In speeches with an eye on re-election, Obama has been talking up the need for compromise in Washington, the kind of rhetoric that appeals to independents.


“There are going to be times where we’ve got to try to find common ground to solve problems. Not everything is a fight. Not everything has to be a battle to the death,” he told a Boston fund-raiser on Tuesday.


From:  http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/09/us-obama-poll-idUSTRE7284SZ20110309


One Response to 64% of Americans Say US is on Wrong Track; Obama Approval Ratings Among Independent Voters Plunges

  1. Roy Wilson says:

    This is consistent with Rasmussen polling, which shows Obama with about a 4% disadvantage among registered voters, and very high negatives.

    What’s interesting is that NBC/MSNBC still tries to promote polls that show the exact opposite – that Obama has a strong advantage in polls. Of course, I suppose it depends on who is being polled, since you can skew polls to your liking by sleight of hand.

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