Obama’s New Budget Proposal: How the Phony $4 Trillion in “Cuts” Results in $26 Trillion In New Debt (Enslaving Our Children and Grandchildren)

(NaturalNews) A mugger confronts a business man walking down the street, flashing a sharp knife. “Give me all your money. I’ve got kids to feed,” he insists. The business man calmly responds, “Well that’s not fair, I’ve got kids to feed, too.”


Momentarily flummoxed, the mugger works out a bit of math and retorts, “Okay, I’m gonna take a balanced approach with you. Just give me HALF of all your money, and we’ll call it even.”


Such is the logic of the Obama administration, which now absurdly proposes that spending America into a total debt collapse is somehow a “balanced approach.”


Sure, it is balanced in the same way that a man walking a tightrope strung 35 stories above the city street, carrying two suitcases stuffed with hundreds of pounds of T-bills, with strong winds and a forecast of an approaching hail storm is also “balanced.”


That Obama could even pretend such a scenario is healthy for the future of America just goes to show you the depth of financial insanity that has gripped the players in Washington D.C. — on both sides of the aisle.


Today, President Obama proposed spending cuts of $4 trillion over the next 12 years, but just as we figured, virtually none of those cuts kick in until Obama is out of office. They’re all “back-loaded” cuts that happen at some theoretical time in the future rather than right now.


It’s like a heroin addict who says, “I’ll quit my habit tomorrow. Just not right now” as he takes another hit.


Notably, Obama’s so-called balanced budget cuts don’t balance the budget. A $4 trillion cut in spending over 12 years is still a complete joke, and here’s why:


The U.S. government will likely rack up at least $30 trillion in new debt over those same 12 years, just based on a very conservative estimate of current growth rates in the debt.


In other words, under Obama’s new plan, the national debt will still grow by a net amount of $26 trillion over the next 12 years even after the $4 trillion in so-called cuts. Obama’s debt spending is accelerating so rapidly that the mathematicians now call it a “blowout phase” of government debt.


And what, exactly, is getting blown out?


Your future, of course. But according to Obama, that’s a “balanced approach.”


He’s going to burden your children and grandchildren with the greatest debt the world has ever seen –


— a debt so large and growing so quickly that no nation can conceivably escape from under its weight… especially a nation that has lost its manufacturing base, that has dumbed down its education system and that has routinely poisoned its population with fluoride, medications and chemical food additives.


The odds of America ever paying off its national debt are approximately the same odds of a Japanese senior citizen surfing a 5-meter-high tsunami wave to the safety of dry land.


From our good friends at NaturalNews.com:  http://www.naturalnews.com/032065_national_debt_President_Obama.html


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