Thanks, Obama! 44.7 Million Americans Now on Food Stamps…

Food stamp participation rates jumped to a new ALL-TIME HIGH of 44.647 MILLION Americans, nearly 14.5% of the population after April’s upward adjustment.

Can you imagine what will happen during a dollar collapse when a group of 45 million Americans’ $282 monthly food stamp credit buys a gallon of milk? 

Unimaginable riots are coming to a city near you when 15% of Americans are rudely and suddenly forced (by hyperinflation) off the federal teat.



2 Responses to Thanks, Obama! 44.7 Million Americans Now on Food Stamps…

  1. missdisplaced says:

    Well, is this surprising? Even if you leave out layoffs, when people get hired and back-to-work making a minimum wage of $7.35/hour it is NOT enough to live on and feed a family. Minimum wage=starvation wage. You should perhaps be saying,


    • Travis Peebles says:

      Minuiun Wage was never intented to be a living wage. You should thank Obama he said if we spent the trillion dollars unemployment would not go above 8 percent. What you have to realize is Obama is a Statist he needs to steal money from hard working people to give to people who are non-productive. This insures him votes. Why would he say we need to cut defense not food stamps. His primary job is the defense of the nation. When a person can draw unemployment for 2 years we have a real problem.

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