Obama Financially Destroying Middle Income Families

Supposedly, one of the main purposes behind Obamacare was to provide affordable health care coverage for every American family.

Yeah, right!

Since the passage of Obamacare, healthcare costs have climbed higher than they have ever been. More and more employers are reducing the amount and type of coverage they provide to their employees while increasing how much the employees pay.

Deductibles are getting so high that many families can’t reach the limit and have to pay everything out of pocket.

And then Obamacare mandated that every American WILL purchase health insurance or be penalized and fined by the IRS when filling out their taxes.

So Mr. President, please explain to the millions of us middle income families how we are suppose to pay for the mandated health insurance when we can barely pay the bills we have now?

I know a couple who are approaching 60 years of age. They were both victims of financial downsizing, which means they lost their health insurance.

The COBRA plans employers are required to offer are outrageously expensive and who can afford it when you don’t have a job?

This couple struggled for over 2 years trying to find work. They exhausted all of their savings and retirement funds just trying to survive.

They eventually found jobs, but they are now making about 60% of what they use to. They are living from paycheck to paycheck and sometimes still not making ends meet.

They both have existing medical conditions that aren’t being treated because they can’t afford it. And now Obama says they have to purchase health insurance.

Insurance at their age and with their health issues would be the largest single monthly bill for this couple, next to their mortgage. They make too much to get any state Medicaid help, but make too little to afford to pay their bills, let alone afford medical insurance.

Mr. President, can you instruct this couple on which bills NOT to pay each month so they can purchase the mandated health insurance?

Do they not eat, have their electric turned off or not pay for water and sewer? Please Mr. President, share some of your wisdom with this couple.

Oh right! He already did and that’s what got them in this financial mess they are in now.

From:  http://godfatherpolitics.com/448/obama-is-financially-destroying-middle-income-families/#ixzz1UitoqohC

One Response to Obama Financially Destroying Middle Income Families

  1. soulstraw says:

    Hmmm, destroyoing the middle class, yes its a lower class the way the rich treat us, Obama gave 2 income tax reduction to people making less than $100,000.00 per in his first year in office, the first one was part about 30% cut that was part of the stimulus package, and the secons was another 5% tax cut. You people are not very good, liars. Ben Frankin once said, a good liar has to have a good memory. but you black-hating racist scum wouldn’t know anything about that!

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