Obama’s Approval Rating On Economy Plummets To 33% in New Poll

A majority of Americans think President Obama’s $447 biillion proposal to create jobs will not actually help lower the unemployment rate, according to a poll released Wednesday by Bloomberg.

And his overall approval rating on the economy fell to 33 percent from 39 percent in June. His approval rating on the economy was 43 percent in March.

His economic disapproval ratings rose to 67 percent from 57 percent in June and 52 percent in March.

Those are grim numbers for the White House and the trend is clearly going in the wrong direction just as the campaign season heats up.

Core Support Decline

Of the respondents who said they’ve supported Obama at one point since he launched his presidential campaign in 2007, fewer than half say they still support him as fervently.

Thirty-seven percent say their support has waned and 19 percent say he lost their backing because they’ve grown disappointed or angry with his leadership.

Almost a third of Democrats and Democratic-leaning respondents say they’d like to see Obama face a primary challenge.

From:  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20105949-503544.html


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