Obama’s $4 Million Christmas Vacation to Hawaii “Most Expensive Ever”…

Michelle Obama insisted on a pricey holiday to Hawaii when her husband would have rather gone to a presidential retreat, according to reports.

She allegedly wanted the taxpayer-funded $4million trip when Barack Obama sought instead to make the short trip to Camp David in Maryland.

Political sources told the National Enquirer that the 47-year-old’s spending is rocketing and she even went on a shopping spree before the Hawaii trip.

‘The President’s advisers have told him that Michelle’s spending has spiralled “completely out of control”,’ one source told the National Enquirer.

‘Barack read his wife the riot act, but his words fell on deaf ears. Michelle said there was “no way” she was going to disappoint her daughters.’

The First Family has already attracted criticism as their annual vacation in Hawaii this year is likely to be their most expensive ever.

The President will travel separately from his family this time because he wanted resolve the payroll tax cut issue before leaving Washington D.C.

He will fly Friday afternoon on his own Air Force One flight with Bo, after he was seen buying Christmas presents on Wednesday at PetSmart and Best Buy in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mrs Obama took the children last weekend in a flight that cost an extra $100,000 – and her husband’s round-trip journey will be $3,271,611.

From:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2077625/Michelle-Obama-insisted-4m-getaway-Hawaii-husband-wanted-local-holiday.html


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