Obama Turning to Overseas Fundraisers for Campaign Cash – Even to Communist China!

ImageIt’s going to be a very busy month for the Obama Campaign.  

Fundraisers are scheduled in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris, and Communist China, some of which are commanding “donations” of as much as $30,000 per couple for the Big O’s presidential campaign.


Of course, Obama is busy scathingly accusing presumed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of “outsourcing” jobs rather than hiring Americans. 


Seems like Obama is outsourcing his entire political campaign to the overseas socialists, rather than depending upon the support of real Americans. 


Remember when Bill Clinton got caught red-handed taking huge campaign donations from Buddhist monks who were supposedly under vows of “poverty”?


All of those foreign donations should make you wonder what Obama has planned for America in a second term. 


Of course, critics will say that only Americans abroad can donate to these overseas campaigns.  Uh, huh.  I guess we’ve all forgotten about the multitudes of foreign campaign donations Obama received (see here and here and here) from Arab nationals during his first campaign for president. 


Excerpted in part from:  http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/07/busy-month-for-obama-campaign-with-fundraisers-in-switzerland-sweden-paris-and-communist-china/


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