Obama: “Election Proves Americans Want the Rich to Pay More Taxes”

I love how Obama says the election proves “Americans want the rich to pay more taxes.”

So he’s divided the country into two groups: one group called “Americans,” and another group — an evil enemy group called “the rich.”

And who are these “rich” who are now being semantically excluded from being “Americans” by our illustrious leader?

According to Obama’s people, “the rich” are composed mostly of small busness owners whose businesses generate $250,000 a year or more in gross income. In other words, they’re the very people who create the jobs for “Americans” that Obama has been so woefully inadequate at creating. But now “the rich” are the enemy of “Americans,” deserving only to be economically penalized for doing what Obama has never been able to do, i.e., create a single job.

How does it feel, Mr. Businessman, to know that after all of your hard work to employ your fellow “Americans,” you are not even considered to be a fellow “American” by our president, but instead are part of that evil group called “the rich” who should be penalized for your hard work to keep others employed?

Is it any wonder thousand and thousands of American workers are now being fired and layed off within only days of Obama’s re-election (see http://www.presstv.ir/usdetail/271325.html) as the evil “rich” scramble to bring their businesses under the threshold of Obama’s crushing new tax burdens, knowing that if they generate enough money to keep these workers on their payroll, they’ll be penalized for it in higher and higher taxes?

Poor, poor stupid sheeple who thought Obama really cared for them, when all along it was these evil “rich” business owners who were the ones keeping food on their table, clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. Enjoy your food stamps, idiots. And try to look at it positively: In taxing the evil “rich” Obama is simply giving you “Americans” more quality time to stay home with your children. After all, who needs a job, anyway, when you can live so well off of “hope” and “change”?


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