Is Obama the Messiah?

Is Obama the Messiah of God?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says Obama is “absolutely” the Messiah (see above video).

Actor Jamie Foxx apparently thinks Obama is the Messiah of God, urging audience members to “Give honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barak Obama!”

Oprah and her followers in the video directly below apparently also think Obama is “the One”…

These little school children are being taught to sing praises to Obama (i.e., the “Obama’s Going to Change the World” song and the “Yes, We Can” song):

These black youth (see below video) apparently believe Obama is the Messiah, too.  Note that they come marching into the room chanting “Alpha, Omega! Alpha, Omega! Alpha, Omega!” (one of Jesus Christ’s titles) before giving their personal testimonies of what their Obama-messiah is going to do for them.

This guy (below) thinks Obama is the “light of the universe” and “glorious savior of mankind” (but I hope he’s not giving up his day job to become a singer):

In case you didn’t feel like listening to the above video, here’s the lyrics:

he is wise obama is good
in all his glory, glorious world
of obama we love, we sing to you
of all the love we have, for you
oh obama, light of the universe
protector of children, the magical man
who will save us all, and take us in
and hold us in his hands and kiss our heads
obama glory glory
his words are us
and we are his words
believe in his words of truth

Clearly, a LOT of people believe Barak Hussein Obama is the Messiah of God.  But of course, that doesn’t make them right.  It just makes them unbelievably gullible, as in the video below:

What do YOU think?  Is he the “Messiah” of God?  Or is he just another stuttering politician, so full of himself that he actually fancies himself a man-god?

Okay, I couldn’t resist just two more…



3 Responses to Is Obama the Messiah?

  1. redeemedhippiesplace says:

    wonderful videos to expose this pig.

  2. Pj Kinann says:

    Yes, he definitely has his cult followers. They make me sick. How can any human being be so gullible and stupid as those who voted for Obama when he told them “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”? And they all give him MORE praise and adoration. SIMPLETONS! IDIOTS! And there are STILL approximately 1/2 this nation who love him and have been brainwashed by his lies because of their idiocy.

  3. Spencer Jones says:

    It is indeed sad, and a striking indication that the America we once knew is over.

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